Friday, August 11, 2017

Double Life by Mila Raphael - Book Blitz/Sale Blitz

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Do you like working under me?” he smirks at his choice of words
“I like working with you”
“You have been single through all this time”
Even though it’s not a question, I answer as it was “Yes”
“You know why.”
“I do not know, zolotse” he is smiling now
“I have been single because you scare everyone who gets close to me, every event we go together, you make a statement to every men that I am yours.”
“You are, are you not?”
“I am your assistant, one that you call by a pet name”
“Zolotse.. I call you that for your hair, my little piece of gold, and you like it”
"I do."

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One mission.
One target.
One night of passion.
One mistake.
Falling in love was a mistake, that would one day cost them both their lives.
But when you willingly sign up to live a double life, you must remember:
Nothing is what it seems.

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