Thursday, May 26, 2016

Save the Classics by iClassics Collection - Campaign

Classic Books: An endangered species
iClassics starts an initiative that aims to save literature greatest classics and modernize them to today’s leisure.

Barcelona. May 26th 2016. - Every time it’s harder to find a classic book among the shelves of any bookstore. The scarce promotion from publishers as well as distributors and, as a result, the low turnover of copies, fosters the discontinuance of the hitherto immortal classics. Every year thousands of books are published and released to the market, competition is higher with each passing day and almost no one encourages support for the classics. According to a study performed by San José State University (California, USA) bookstores keep a small stock of these publications only to meet the demand of school requirements level. These facts, coupled with the amount of possibilities in which to invest free time, lead to a reality in which there’s no longer room to read the classics as entertainment.

For this reason, the StartUp iClassics Productions has decided to dust off the classics and put them back in the place they deserve. Two centuries have not been enough to put Poe nor Wilde out of fashion, so they have transformed their works in interactive experiences (in the forms of mobile apps) that surprise readers of all ages.

iClassics is a magical combination of elements to read and enjoy classic literature, whether you are a book lover or someone who hasn’t yet discovered the pleasure of reading. A new way to rediscover literature with original stories (no cuts, no adaptations) of classic authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft and Charles Dickens, among others, creating an unique atmosphere enriched with illustrations, interactivity, sounds effects and an original soundtrack created especially for each work, turning reading into a fully immersive experience.

iClassics – Reimagining Poe, Wilde, Lovecraft & more is the name of the campaign that has started in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the goal of gathering a community of more than 5,000 backers and half a million euros to bring the great works of classic authors to everyone. In addition, as part of the campaign, they will grant free access to iClassics to the same number of students as euros collected within 42 days on Kickstarter.

New stories, more languages, accessibility from any Android and iOS device, a place to share reviews… All these is what we can enjoy once they finish their campaign successfully the upcoming July 6th.

 About iClassics Collection:
iClassics Collection dreams of a world where universal classics are within reach of anybody with the nowadays entertainment. Some of their apps, such as iPoe Collection, has been awarded by the Digital Book World, reference magazine for innovation in digital reading, and has proven to be a useful teaching tool to engage students of all ages.

They created a library of interactive classics with a new standpoint in format and aesthetics, in a way that every reader can easily get hooked on it. Their selection criteria go for those authors who were ahead of his time and inspired next generations with their stories. Its contribution consists in turning the works of these authors into a unique audiovisual interactive experience where illustration, animation, music, videos blend together under a very fine creative direction.

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Reviews from the App Store:

“I would pay for each and every HPL story to be told in this fashion. Stunning visuals, engrossing music, and just enough interactivity to keep you thoroughly involved...more than a book, better than a game. Well done!
“Bought this app out of curiosity, being an HPL fan I was intrigued at the notion of an interactive story. So glad I did as its brought some favorite stories to life and imbued them with a real sense of unease and surprise. Plus, with all the lights out, and headphones on, it's delightfully creepy. I'll certainly be buying the Poe collection on the strength of the HPL adaptation.”
Werty uop
“I have several editions of Poe stories and books, but these series of Poe stories and their expert and stirring illustrations add immeasurably to my enjoyment of Poe's incredible talent. I strongly recommend this edition and their companions. Wow!”
Mike the Martian


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