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Fatemarked by David Estes - Guest Blogger Book Review

In the spirit of fantasy epics like Throne of Glass and The Lord of the Rings, enter a world of magic and dragons, kings and queens, and victory and defeat, during a time when honor and valor still meant something.

No one knows why the fatemarked are born with godlike powers. Until kings start dying...
An ancient prophecy foretold their coming, the chosen few who will bring peace to a land embroiled in a century of mistrust and war. They are the fatemarked. Misunderstood. Worshipped. Hated. Imprisoned. Their time to step into the light has come.

Roan Loren...
He has hidden his mark of power his entire life, fearing the damage it might cause to those around him. When a series of ill-fated events send him on the adventure of a lifetime, Roan must face the truth of who he really is and what role he must play in the future of the Four Kingdoms.

Annise Garic...
Reluctant princess. Fierce brawler. When her family members start mysteriously dying around her, Annise is forced to decide whether to abandon the kingdom she's despised her whole life, or stand and fight for what is rightfully hers.

Grey Arris...
Thief. Orphan. Womanizer. Everything goes wrong the night Grey abandons the western princess during their midnight rendezvous in the cryptlands. Hunted by the law and a murderer of myth and legend, he must find a way to protect his sister and become the man he was always meant to be.

Rhea Loren...
Beautiful. Spoiled princess. Seeker of vengeance. Rhea's world of luxury and fame is turned upside down when she's accused of fornication, a crime carrying a brutal punishment: the scarring of one's face. As Rhea seeks to come to terms with her new life, she must choose whether to rise above or spiral down into darkness.

As their paths intertwine, they will soon learn that the fate of the Four Kingdoms is in their hands...

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Jennifer's Review
This is my review of Fatemarked. 
It’s a wonderful book that I truly enjoyed reading. It is about a girl named Sabria who is born with a birthmark that gives her amazing powers. She has a baby girl who she believes was born to kill her husband. Does it happen? And what power does her birthmark give her? 
Later in the book, a woman named Gwen is forced to move to the North to marry a prince and try to settle a war between the North and West. She falls in love with a human named Alistair. Her father does not approve, but she is determined to marry him. Does her father agree later in the book? Does his father agree? What happens to them? Read on to find out. 
This is only book one, so the rest of the books need to be read also to find out what happens afterwards. 
5 stars!

Author Bio
Get a FREE short story from David Estes' bestselling high fantasy series, Fatemarked, when you sign up for his mailing list: http://s.privy.com/65XyQ6g

David Estes has written more than 30 science fiction and fantasy books, his most famous of which are Fatemarked, Slip, and The Moon Dwellers. He has a love of dancing and singing (but only when no one is looking or listening), is a mad-skilled ping-pong player, an obsessive Goodreads group member, and prefers writing at the swimming pool to writing at a table. He loves chatting with his readers, all of whom he considers to be his friends. David lives in Hawaii with his beautiful Aussie wife, Adele, his asthmatic cat, Bailey, and his rambunctious son, Beau. 

Surrender Games Series by Lydia Michaels - Book Tour + Giveaway

Sacrifice of the Pawn
Surrender Games Book 1
by Lydia Michaels
Adult Contemporary Romance

Surrender Games follows the emotionally charged and highly erotic contemporary
romance saga, The Surrender Trilogy. 

Isadora Patras has sacrificed years raising her younger siblings, Lucian and
Antoinette. As her brother and sister grow more independent, she
feels her purpose is lost. Aching to do something selfish and hungry
for a taste of the forbidden, she takes a lover—her father’s
protégé and trusted family friend, Sawyer Bishop. 

In a secret affair trust is tested, respect is bartered, and reputations
are on the line. Sawyer has always been Isadora’s mentor, but now
it’s her move. She’s through being a pawn and ready to demand the
respect of a Queen.

The Surrender Games Series should be read after The Surrender Trilogy.

Unsure what to make of the shift in energy, she collected her glass from the bar to buy time, but something was definitely different, and she didn’t understand why.
“Is something wrong, Sawyer?”
His gaze followed her as she came to sit on the empty side of the settee. “When did you stop calling me Mr. Bishop?”
The soft, cajoling rumble of his voice was more soothing than probing. Voices like that could make audio instructions sound like Shakespeare.
Thinking over his question, her brow tightened. “I’m not sure. I suppose I was a teenager when you invited me to call you by your first name. Should I go back to calling you Mr. Bishop?” she teased. It seemed silly to think of him as anything other than Sawyer.
Turning his wrist, the ice in his glass shifted. “The boys … they’ve be friends for a long time.”
“And hopefully they will be forever.”
“And I’ve been your father’s friend for as long as I can recall. He gave me a job when I was fresh out of college.”
“And now you run one of his companies. What is it you’re trying to say, Sawyer?”
“You’re very young, Isadora. Too young to have a boy in college and a ten-year-old in your care, but you do it with the maturity of an experienced woman.”
“Thank you, but Lucian’s my brother, not my son. And Toni… I may act like her mother, but I’m not. I take no joy in erasing our mother’s memory.”
He glanced at his empty glass, the filtered moonlight reflecting in the crystal as he placed it on the table. “I should go.”
Tipping her glass over his, she filled it with a finger of scotch. “Not before you finish your drink.”
Peering through thick, black lashes, he gave her a questioning look that made her feel immediately foolish. Why had she done that?
He twisted to face her. “What are you doing, Isadora?”
“I don’t know. I’ve had a lot to drink.” Her voice dropped to a rasp as her gaze latched onto his, holding so tight she could hardly spare a blink.
“Is that it then?”
Her lashes fluttered, breaking the spell, and she laughed nervously. Those eyes were hypnotic, especially when he looked directly into hers. She shook her head, shaking off the affect. “Is that what?”
Lifting his glass, he finished her offering in one swallow, placed the tumbler on the table, and stood. She rose as well, the camaraderie they’d shared earlier rapidly evaporating. Perhaps thirty-seven wasn’t such a good year.
Tension closed in on her, its impending heaviness puncturing the inebriated haze cocooning her mind. The unfamiliar imbalance was more than the effect of alcohol. Maybe she was coming down with something.
She didn’t want him to go and his proximity to the door filled her with panic and heat. Stay, she wanted to say, but something kept her quiet. She wanted him to make the decision without her prompting his response.
It became a game of guessing what he might do or say next and she liked the uncertainty, found it unsteadily thrilling. Her heart beat too fast as she tried to identify a time she’d ever felt so nervous in such a fulfilling way. She didn’t typically favor anxiety, yet she coveted the feeling now, a dark anticipation for every motion, every word. So much to lose in such a simple decision, yet she hadn’t a clue what she’d gain if he chose to stay.
“I apologize for intruding on your evening,” he said, stepping around the table.
Her heart jerked. Her disappointment was a physical jolt that convinced her something else was happening here—something she shouldn’t feel.
She stepped around the other side of the coffee table and met him on the carpet, frantic to keep him there a while longer. She didn’t want to be alone, but maybe he was feeling this strange energy too and figured it best to leave.
“Sawyer, what changed?”
“The fact that you don’t know is a testament to your young age.”
Affronted, she drew back. Perhaps she was a bad drunk, because his words hurt more than they probably should.
She wasn’t an idiot and though she didn’t have much experience with men like Sawyer—or any men for that matter—she wasn’t a prude. Something changed between them tonight. A sort of chemistry had evolved.
She never felt this kind of attraction around him before and maybe he felt it too and that was why he was trying to escape. But she was drunk, so perhaps her perception was off.
Rather than further embarrass herself, she stepped aside. “I’m sorry if I did something to offend you.”
Gah! She always said the worst things. What was she trying to get, a sympathy stay? That was not what she was after.
“You did nothing offensive. It’s just … not appropriate for me to be here—alone with you. It’s late.”
Embarrassed that her eagerness reeked of inexperience, she looked away. She shouldn’t let him see her like this. She’d have to see him again and it was utterly humiliating to think he might assume she was some sad, desperate woman trying to seduce her father’s colleague when she just wanted a little company. Oh, God, she was desperate.
Her gaze dropped to the carpet as a dark sense of inadequacy swallowed her. “I understand. I didn’t mean to…” …whatever I’ve done.
“Goodnight, Isadora.”
She didn’t look up to see if he was staring at her. She didn’t need to. She could feel his stare measuring her. He hesitated as he approached the door.
“You’ll call if you need anything?” he asked softly.
Never. “Of course.”
With nothing more to say, he left, his leather-soled footfalls drifting almost silently as he made his way to the foyer.
Humiliated, she turned to the bar and lifted the expensive bottle. No matter how much her life resembled that of an adult, she never stopped feeling apart from the actual authority figures. A little girl with a license to leave the kiddie table for one meal before an early bedtime.
Rethinking the last couple hours and degrading herself for every unflattering impression she might have left, she wished desperately to erase the entire evening. She was not on his level and he saw her as his colleague’s pathetic kid who was astoundingly short on friends.
Collecting the glasses filled with watered down ice, she decided not to return to her father’s study anymore. Every time she left this room she felt like half a person—tonight more so than usual.
She dumped the ice in the sink at the wet bar and sat the glasses on the counter. “What a waste.”
The door to the office creaked and she pivoted, gasping as she found him still there and staring at her from the threshold.
“My…” He shook his head, brow tense with lines of tension. “I forgot my jacket.”
Her chest tightened as she blinked at him in question. His jacket was behind her, yet she lacked the will to move.
Was he really back for his jacket? Had he left it there on purpose? He watched her, keeping his distance, like she was some sort of black widow. She mentally laughed. She was about as threatening as a baby bunny.
Putting her back to the bar, she gave him room to get his belongings and go. Reaching past her, he slid the jacket off the back of the chair and stilled, close enough for her to see the contrast of silver threaded in the dark hair at his temples.
Her skin tingled as breath locked in her lungs, his scent crawling into her. A million moments she shouldhave had collided in her mind, borrowed memories from novels and cinematic romances and what she knew most girls experienced years before approaching her actual age.
His arm brushed the front of her blouse and his eyes shut on a whispered curse. Every breath she took tightened her clothing. She was winded, yet standing perfectly still.
“Tell me to go. Tell me to forget the jacket,” he whispered, voice low as it scratched along her every tender nerve.
She said nothing and he let the jacket slide down the chair and onto the floor. She couldn’t blink and she began to tremble subtly as he turned to fully face her, staring into her eyes.
Each inhalation lifted her breasts higher. Her lips parted, the scent of expensive scotch, rich cologne, and sin clouding her mind. She wasn’t a small woman. Thin, yes, but too tall. Yet, looking up at him now, she found her height perfect, and his stature arrestingly right. Strong.
“Tell me to go, Isadora,” he repeated, voice rasping in a way that prickled the back of her neck, seeming to lift the fine hairs along her collar.
There was something more than drunken secrets here. She edged closer, never one to act audaciously, but maybe this was the self-indulgent moment she’d been waiting for. Brazen seemed right.
Drawing in a shaky breath, she softly whispered, “I didn’t want you to leave in the first place.”
Uttering another curse, he reached for her so fast she took a startled step back, only to be blocked by the bar. His hand swept into her hair, fingers terrorizing her sensible bun, as he jerked her body to his on a gasp. His aggression was as unexpected as his intensity. The shocking press of his lips was a welcome delight. Warm. Unquestioning. Experienced.
His other hand surged low on her back, pulling her body flush to his as their heads tilted and his mouth opened against hers. Heat swirled low in her belly as her hands sought a place to rest.
A fever took hold, burning hot, as her knuckles flexed and her fingers dug into his broad shoulders. The distant thud of the bottle hitting the carpet only vaguely registered, as he spun her and backed her toward the desk.
His mouth opened wider, his tongue spearing between her lips, greedily taking as he dipped her over the surface, arching her backwards and exposing her neck. The five o’clock shadow covering his jaw scraped over her delicate skin, making her toes curl.
He lifted her and objects moved along the desk, the lamp light jostling in the shadows. Her knees drew up as a chair skidded out of the way. He towered over her, kissing, licking, biting. And her body was on fire.
Objects clattered to the ground as his touch dragged up her leg, hiking her simple pencil skirt higher. The bunched material gave way, sliding as high as her hips when he fit his legs between hers.
The weight of his arousal pressed against her core. She gasped and everything stilled.
His heavy breathing mingled with hers as his stormy eyes flashed in the light shining from the desk lamp. She’d never been in such a tangle. They were so close it was difficult to determine whose parts were whose.
“Shit.” He made to rise, but her grip on his shirt tightened. “Isadora,” he rasped, almost pleadingly.
Hating the regret she recognized in his gaze, she almost let him go. Almost.
She could do this—they could do this. Who would know? They were both adults.
Lifting her head, she gently brushed her lips against his. Shockingly, it seemed enough to hold him there. His mouth tilted over hers, pulling, slowly taunting, until everything inside of her seemed to stretch like warm taffy and melt her body into his. The tension left his shoulders as his weight sank into her.
His hand followed the curve of her hip, tracing the nip of her waist and un-tucking her blouse one ripple of fabric at a time. His warm fingertips scorched the hidden skin of her belly, skimming over her ribs with practiced ease. Her body arched as the swell of her breast filled his palm and her lips parted on a sigh.
“We shouldn’t do this,” he whispered, his thumb tracing delicate swirls over the hardening tip of her nipple.
There was no way she was letting him leave now. The press of his arousal was leaving her panties slick and his hand was working some sort of magic under her blouse.
“Yell at me, Isadora. Tell me to stop, to take my hands off you.”
“Stop fighting it, Sawyer.” She loosened the top button of her blouse. And another. And then another.
He eased back as the silk parted. He looked at her as no man ever had. “Jesus. You’re beautiful.”
Blinking, he stood and gently pulled her with him. Leaving her shirt open she quickly straightened her skirt.
His attention drifted around the room and he grimaced. “Your bed—”
“Is upstairs. Too close to my sister’s room. Here’s fine.”
His mouth pursed. He didn’t seem pleased with the options.
Releasing her hand, he shut the door tightly and turned the antique key sitting in the lock.
To read on, please download your copy of Sacrifice of the Pawn here.

Queen of the Knight
Surrender Games Book 2

The game has changed and no player’s position is safe…

In a world of power, money, deceit, and lust, no player is exactly how
they seem. Love and trust are at stake when the game is changed and
old enemies come out of hiding, disguised as friends. 

Isadora Patras must proceed wisely. After thirteen years of heartbreak and
denial, she no longer trusts her instincts. One man embodies her
past, the other could be her future, but which one holds her heart?
Isadora must choose between her family and two very different men.
Either way, her choice could cost her everything. 

In a game of kings, bishops, rooks, and knights there are no guarantees.
But if Isadora wants to be a Queen, someone will have to lose.

The Surrender Games Series should be read after The Surrender Trilogy.

The Surrender Trilogy was released in 2013. It was an Apple iBooks
Bestseller. Surrender Games is a spin-off of The Surrender Trilogy. 

It is a series that features the side characters of the trilogy and will eventually deliver 
each hero and heroine’s HEA.
It is highly recommended that readers read The Surrender
Trilogy BEFORE reading Surrender Games.

Falling In
The Surrender Trilogy Book 1

Breaking Out
The Surrender Games Trilogy Book 2

Coming Home
The Surrender Games Trilogy Book 3

Lydia Michaels is an award winning author of over 30 contemporary romance
novels. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderfully supportive
husband, beautiful daughter, and many crazy fur babies. If she is not
off spending time with her family you can usually find Lydia at her
computer working on her next story or hiding somewhere quiet with a
great book. She loves taking a romantic plot with steamy chemistry
and pressing the bounds of love. Her books are intellectual, erotic,
haunting, always centered on love.

Lydia Michaels' darkly compelling Surrender Trilogy was an Apple iBooks bestseller 
and she has been featured in USA Today. In 2015 she was the winner of The
Best of Bucks Award and she has been nominated as Best Author in the
Bucks Happening Magazine three years running [2015, 2016, and 2017].
She is a four time nominee for the prestigious RONE Award.

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Lydia Michaels is giving away 3 autographed copies of Falling In (The
Surrender Trilogy 1) to celebrate the release of the first book in

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Mirror Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Mirror, Mirror
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: Paranormal Mystery Thriller

Nearly twenty years ago a teenage girl was murdered...

Samantha Williams was just a young girl when her cousin, Emily, was brutally
raped and killed in her own home. As a child, Sam's family did their
best to shelter her from the gruesome details. Now, working the crime
beat for the Portland Tribune, Sam has the resources at her
fingertips to investigate the case for herself.

Through the eyes of a killer...

After inheriting a family heirloom, an antique vanity table that once
belonged to her murdered cousin, Sam begins seeing visions in the
mirror's depths. Like watching an old home movie, she bears witness
to Emily's murder. As if that weren't frightening enough, she starts
to see other things too: fleeting glimpses of the killer himself! Are
the things she sees just a figment of her imagination or could
something otherworldly be trying to communicate with her? When the
killer strikes again and leaves clues behind meant specifically for
Sam it becomes a race against time to try to catch him.

**.99 cents on Amazon!**

From the Shadow
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: PNR Horror / Occult

What makes a man a monster?

For too long Jacob has lived in isolation. Forsaken by God and cursed by
a Shadow, he is doomed to an eternity of solitude with only the
demons of his past for company. For nearly two hundred years, he has
longed for that which he knows he can never have: forgiveness, love,
and redemption. 

A chance encounter could hold the key...

When Jacob meets Lynn, she shines a ray of hope across his bleak
existence. But will she be strong enough to shoulder the truth of his
past? Can she forgive the horrors he has wrought? Can she help him
come to terms with his past and move with him into a brighter

An old nemesis threatens...

Confronted by an ancient enemy, Lynn and Jacob travel halfway around the world.
There, they face the daunting task of sifting through ancient history
for clues to their tormentor's weaknesses and a way to loose his grip
on their future.

What good can come From the Shadow?

**.99 cents on Amazon!**

Desolation Gulch
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Romantic Suspense 

Valerie knew fairytales weren't true... at least not the happily-ever-after
kind. In her world, nothing ever worked out so neatly. Her life was
full of dark secrets and deep hurt. Until she met Fallon. Somehow he
could read her hidden chapters and he knew exactly how to turn her
life into a dream.

But Fallon isn't everything he seems; he has dark secrets of his own.

When Valerie finds herself in a dangerous situation and must flee, it's a
daunting task. With nowhere to run and no way to guarantee Fallon
won't follow, Valerie finds herself stranded in a small Central
Oregon town at the mercy of a handsome stranger. He promises to help
her, but can anyone save her from desolation?

**.99 cents on Amazon!**

I felt safe and warm for the first time in almost seventeen years.
We slept little, instead spending the dark, night hours exploring each others’ bodies. I’d never known such exquisite pleasure, but in Fallon’s arms I felt as if this was only the beginning. He seemed to revel in my bliss, my pleasure only serving to heighten his through his strange mental link.
As his hands explored my body, I was delighted to discover they were every bit as soft as I’d imagined they would be against my skin. They were strong, too. Their very touch sent shivers of pure pleasure coursing through my body. Fallon moved slowly, as if he wanted to give me plenty of time to change my mind. But I doubted my body would have allowed me to resist at this point. He could have asked anything of me and I would have consented… as long as he promised to keep touching me like that.
The only time I came close to losing my nerve was when Fallon started to help me out of my clothes. His hands moved slowly, working at the buttons on my blouse, when I clasped mine over them, stilling his fingers, and whispered, “Wait.”
Fallon did just as I asked. He pulled away from me, staring deep into my eyes. “Don’t be afraid,” he murmured. “You’re in control. I’ll stop any time you want me to.” He seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear to assuage my fears.
I felt the muscles in my jaw clench as I drew a deep breath in through my nose. Fallon smiled when he realized I’d made my decision and watched, amused, as I moved his hands back to their former task. Soon, our clothes lay in a mingled pile beside the bed.
Fallon stopped for a moment to look at me in the moonlight. It was hard for me to feel comfortable, exposed as I was, but there was something in Fallon’s eyes that soothed me.
“You’re beautiful,” he breathed.
“You have to say that,” I teased half-heartedly.
Fallon grinned. “I guess so, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are.”
I giggled a little as he slid his body against mine again, lying down beside me, his lips trailing across my skin as he moved. Then I gasped as his powerful arms moved my body over his and I found myself straddling his torso. The muscles of his abdomen were taut beneath my trembling fingers.
Fallon smiled up at me, his hands on my hips. “You’re in control,” he repeated. There was a twinkle in his eyes as I grasped his meaning. His grip tightened almost imperceptibly at my hips as he lifted and guided me over him. I gasped loudly when he slid inside me, my eyes seeking his in the moonlit room.
We moved as one, my mind completely devoid of any thought except the pleasure we shared. I had never felt like this and I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I didn’t cry out of sadness, but when he saw the tears Fallon stopped. He pulled himself into a sitting position, with me still situated across his midsection, and hugged me tightly.
“This is what it’s supposed to be like,” he whispered, aware that my mind had traveled, unbidden, to memories of how I’d always been made to feel before: used and unclean. His head was cradled against my breasts and I moved my hands into his hair, the silken strands soft beneath my fingers. I turned his face up to meet my gaze and silently mouthed the words that were in my mind.
Thank you.

Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Jessica has been writing since she was
ten years old. She attended Willamette University with the intention
of going to law school and becoming a criminal prosecutor. But, as is
the way with life, plans changed. Since 2002 she has worked in the
medical field and absolutely loves the challenges and positive impact
she can have on the lives of others. She loves the outdoors and
considers herself blessed to call Oregon her home. 

Following the birth of her second child, she committed herself to writing her
first novel. Unfortunately for her, story ideas rarely present
themselves one at a time and she often has two (if not three)
manuscripts in progress at once. When she's not writing her own
material, she enjoys reading a wide variety of books, many of them
aloud to her husband and two children.

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